New website

Since 2012, when AWS Radio came on the internet, we didn’t make a lot of changes.

So, we are happy to announce some big changes on your favorite (we hope) radio.

First of all, a new website. When we write these lines, we are working on it. Some pages may be unavailable and some pages will come in the future.
We made this website only in english but you can contact us in french too.

As you can see, we have a fresh new logo. If you find our old logo on some directories, you can send us a message with the adress of the directory.

And finaly, we work since a lot of weeks to make some changes on the radio : new songs, new sound processor, new automation. But the same concept : hear here all the hits from everywhere in the world in every language.

We hope you’ll enjoy this « new » AWS Radio as we enjoy making it.

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